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A Chartered Accountant in the making, I discovered my love for the open road thanks to the amazing souls I’ve met along the way of this professional course. But being an Indian in his twenties, unemployed and constantly haunted by the Chartered Accountancy curriculum and even more worried parents, my dreams of conquering the Indian sub-continent remained a distant dream for the most part of my life up until now.

But like they say, ‘If you can dream it, you can do it’. A couple of years of planning, rigorous amounts of saving up and countless prayers later, I was fortunate enough to have successfully completed a cross-country road trip across India on my Royal Enfield from my home town of Kochi, in the southernmost State of Kerala to the mountains of Ladakh in the North and everything in between, spanning over two months and some 12,000 odd kilometers across 17 States and one Union Territory.

Although initially there were two of us on our respective motorcycles, an unexpected turn of events led to me completing the journey back home from Leh  solo and that turned out to be a life altering experience in itself and one which I have cherished to the fullest.

This blog is my humble attempt to account for my adventures across this beautiful and chaotic country on two wheels.

With hopes of meeting you in one of my journeys,

The Clueless Muni.

Chain Oiler (old) Review

Thanks once again for sending across the kit to be used on the #BeyondTheBorder ride. I'm ecstatic to let you know that the entire kit survived the Tri-Country ride across Nepal, Bhutan & North-East India covering 15,500 kms over three months. Please find below a few points that I would like to share with you based on my experience of using the Chargedex Kit.


  1. Unfortunately, as we've already discussed, because of the leakage issue, the kit couldn't be utilised to its full potential. I was also not able to rectify the issue even after following the instructions shared by your team. But hopefully the same has been rectified in the newer units and I look forward to testing them out.

  2. Another point that I would like to bring to your attention is that the paint on the reservoir and pump unit has faded considerably. PFA pictures for your reference. Although this could've been due to the extensive use over 3 months, please do look into it and the possibility of using better quality paint/materials for future units.

  3. I am highly impressed with the quality of the bristles used on the chain cleaner as they have managed to retain their shape & form & have done an excellent job at keeping the chain clean even after 15,500 kms which is astonishing!

  4. Another suggestion from my side would be to look into an easier/tool-less alternative to opening & closing the reservoir cap other than using screws. (Like a clip-on system). Although not a major concern, it is something that can be looked into in the long run.


Overall, I’ve extremely impressed with the product and its concept and believe that it has a huge potential to address the practical woes faced by motorcyclists and hence would definitely recommend them to other motorcyclists. I am also looking forward to testing out and reviewing new products/designs as & when they come and also to work closely with the team towards product and brand development