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ChargeDex Chain Oiler 2.0

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ChargeDex Chain Oiler Kit for 2020

Clean and Easy Chain Maintenance

  • Available in 3 Vibrant New Colours.
  • 6 Months Replacement Warranty.

ChargeDex Chain Oiler cleans & lubes your bike chain just with a few presses, while riding.

The Kit.

The Lever.

  • Made From High Grade Nylon, Abrasion Resistant.
  • Simple, safe & efficient chain oiling while riding.
  • Fits perfectly on all round handlebars, including aftermarket. Lever designed to be easily used specially while riding.

The Oiler.

  • The Oiler fits below the chain cover, above the sprocket.
  • The Brush oils the chain links precisely, leaving a layer of oil on the chain while you ride, even at high speeds.
  • The Brush cleans the black greasy dirt paste stuck on the chain.The Brush is made from high grade nylon for enhanced durability.Lasts for more than 10,000 Kms (tested by riders)

The Mounts.

  • Two Stainless Steel mounts can be adjusted for length and bent for a perfect fit.
  • The Stainless Steel Mounts are Laser Cut with precision.
  • ChargeDex Chain Oiler Kit fits all motorcycles with an open chain setup.
  • Thicker, Rugged New Mounts for 2020.

The Reservoir.

  • Rugged New Reservoir and Reservoir Cap.
  • Reservoir Cap made in High Grade Nylon, Abrasion Resistant & Leak Proof.
  • Our Reservoirs hold up to 50 ml of oil for increased range of about 1000 km in on refill.

The Press Lock.

  • The Press Lock protects the Kit from unnecessary and unwanted pressing by strangers, kids when the Bike is parked.

Box Contents.

1. ChargeDex Chain Oiler Kit (ready to install)

2. Installation Manual

3. Caution Card

4. Warranty Card

5. Zip ties


Recommended Oils

1. 20W40

2. 15W30


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